CAFÉS BEN YEDDER Company, founded in 1934, is historically the first company of Amen Group. It enjoys a particular prestige. Since 1888, the Ben Yedder family has been involved in the coffee roasting activity. Its know-how in this field still guarantees its reputation throughout Tunisia.


In order to strengthen its position in the coffee sector, the Ben Yedder family acquired CAFÉS BONDIN Company in 1964 (established in 1910 by Mr. Henri Bondin) and became the uncontested leader in the Tunisian coffee market.


Established in 2015, Cafés BONDIN Côte d’Ivoire aims to become a major player in coffee roasting and distribution in sub-Saharan Africa.


SECAFE S.A., a subsidiary of CAFÉS BONDIN and CAFÉS BEN YEDDER, is specialized in coffee shop equipment and in the training and support of coffee shop employees. SECAFE is the distributor of the Segafredo brand and the coffee machine brands “La Marzocco”, “CMA” and “San Marco”.


The “Grande Fabrique de Confiserie Orientale” (G.F.C.O.)  was created in 1938 and purchased by the Ben Yedder family in 1957. It is an innovative company that mixes industrial performance with manufacturing methods based on traditional handicrafts. The company has developed a well-diversified range of products including “Halwa Chamia” (halva) called “La Gazelle”, candy and chewing gum. In 2014, G.F.C.O. participated in the national corporate upgrading program and was rewarded with the ISO 22000 by certifying its management system for food products by SGS-Geneva.

La Générale Alimentaire

“La Générale Alimentaire” was created in 1963 for the marketing, representation, and import and export of food products. It distributes Bondin and Ben Yedder roasted coffee and Bondin and Délice instant coffee as well as Halwa Chamia (“La Gazelle” brand), the Nestlé Group’s CPW cereals, Ritter Sport chocolates, Balhsen Biscuits, Loacker waffle snacks  and other products such as muesli, sugar-free and sugared concentrated milk, non-alcoholic beer and chocolate candy.


Akyes was created in 1990. It is specialized in the packaging of tea, rice and other food products.

Huilerie Ben Yedder


Established in 1961, the Ben Yedder oil mill specializes in extraction and crushing, packaging and marketing of bulk and packaged olive oil.

It is located fifteen kilometers from Tunis on the Béja road in an olive grove that covers about 120 hectares.

The Ben Yedder brand olive oil owes its extra virgin label to its high physio-chemical and organoleptic qualities that comply with national and international standards. This olive oil is especially famous for its taste and its fine and delicate flavor.


Established in 1993, KAWARIS is an agricultural upgrading and development company (S.M.V.D.A.) (Société de Mise en Valeurs de Developpement Agricole) and operates around 120 hectares of citrus fruits in the Beni Khaled area of the Cap Bon region.

It enjoys a micro climate favorable to its agricultural activity. The production process is intensive and includes a diversified range of citrus fruits including varieties such as Clementine, navel, Maltese and Valencia oranges, sweet oranges and grapefruit.  Its fruit production, stretching from October to May, is renowned for its excellent taste.