Amen Bank

Amen Bank, whose origins date back to 1906 has a special prestige in Tunisia. It is indeed the first, entirely Tunisian private bank since its acquisition in 1971 by the Ben Yedder family.  Amen Bank’s strategy is structured around three main areas:

  • Innovation
  • Consolidation
  • Internationalization


Amen Bank, is an institution at the forefront of technology and has notably implemented the “EMERAUD” management system and is in the process of obtaining quality and security certifications according to CMMI and ISO standards.

In addition, a decision-making and analytical information system has been installed to improve risk management that takes into account the environmental and social risks on credit decisions and the internal rating system.

Amen Bank is proud to be the bank that offers the widest range of banking cards in Tunisia. It is the first bank to launch “home banking” and a 100% “on-line bank” (Amen First Bank).


Amen Bank has consolidated its fundamentals through conformity with good governance and through strengthening its equity with several capital increases.


Internationalization was strengthened with the creation of a currency trading room considered as the most dynamic in the market. Amen Bank is planning to have a footprint abroad through the creation of a subsidiary or the acquisition of an existing foreign bank. Amen Bank enjoys a 13% share of the Tunisian Banking Market and has a network of over 150 branches and an equivalent number of ATM machines (cash dispensers) that are connected to the VISA and MASTER CARD networks

Amen Invest

Founded in 1994, Amen Invest’s main services are:

- Brokerage

- Assets management

- Advisory

Amen Capital

Amen Capital is a Private Equity company started in 2010. It focuses mainly on Venture Capital and Mezzanine.

Sicar Amen

Sicar Amen is a Venture Capital company started in 1999.

Amen Project

Amen Project is a Closed Ended Fund endowed with 9 million Tunisian Dinars in capital.


Sogerec was established in 2009 with a capital of 10 million Tunisian dinars. Its main objective is the purchase of receivables for its own account as well as receivables collection on behalf of third parties.

Le recouvrement

“Le Recouvrement“ was created in 2001. With a capital of 300,000 Tunisian Dinars, its main mission is the purchase of receivables for its own account as well as receivables collection on behalf of third parties.


Tunisys has been a major player in the field of information technology for more than a quarter century and notably in the integration of IT, e-money and communication solutions.

Tunisys offers a wide range of services including IT solutions advice, design, implementation and maintenance of its proposed solutions.

Partnering with well-known brands such as Huawei, IBM, March Networks, Diebold and GRG Banking allows Tunisys to offer very high quality solutions.

Tunisys has competent teams that cover the entire national territory and offers its clients an excellent service.