Assurances COMAR

Established in 1959, COMAR joined Amen Group in 1973. It counts among its main, foreign shareholders AXA Group.

Several strategic decisions and a healthy management team enabled COMAR to rank  second  in terms of market share and maintain the first position among private insurance players since the early 2000s.

The main development areas are:

-  Innovative product diversification offered to individuals and companies in order to maximize customer satisfaction.

-  The professionalism and commitment of the staff as well as the ongoing development of the company’s commercial network with four branches and more than 100 agencies dedicated to improved client service.

-  The permanent consolidation of its financial strength in order to guarantee its development and sustainability.

COMAR is known for its openness to its environment and this gives it the status of a « socially responsible company» acting notably in the cultural sector (Comar d’Or annual literary prize) and the sports sector (Marathon of the City of Tunis).


Established in 2016, Comar  Cote d’Ivoire, is the first company created by the Group in the CIMA zone. It intends to become, due to its products innovation strategy, a major player in the Ivorian market bringing its expertise, its seriousness, and a very strong added value to the sector.

Comar Immobilière

Comar Immobilière builds office and residential buildings for rent in order to build and develop a real-estate trust.

Assurances Hayett

Created in 1986, Assurances Hayett is a subsidiary of COMAR specialized in life insurance, capitalization and retirement.

Hayett bases its strategy on client needs identification and analysis as well as social coverage systems in order to protect the insured parties and their families.

Hayett’s sales distribution covers the entire Tunisian territory.

It consists of:

-  General agents

-  Client counselors

-  A banking network in partnership with Amen Bank

El Imrane

El Imrane is a real estate promotion company that seeks value for money and better quality of life projects.

Today EL IMRANE is a recognized brand due to its rigorous location selection, its architectural designs and the quality of its projects’ finishing touches.